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4 Awesome Tips For How to Brand Your Small Business Effectively

How to brand your small business

Do you know how to brand your small business?  Branding a small business can be a challenge.  Two of those challenges are know-how and lack of money.  Below are some great ways to brand a small business successfully.

Identify Your “Pivot Point” – Most business owners never think through the true value proposition of their small business.  They tend to confuse what they do with why they are doing it.  The secret is that no one wants to buy your service or product – they want to buy what the service or product does for them.  Are you selling expensive cars or status and exclusivity?  Are you selling homes or giving the sense of independence?  Find the “it” behind your business.  What is the reason for your company’s being?  To know how to build your business, take the time to think about the key attributes of your small business and then you can build brand identity.

Brainstorm Ideas – Once you know the true benefit of your business, you can begin generating ideas.  Begin by thinking of phrases and names that will give you a business theme.  The name doesn’t have to be descriptive, but it should be engaging, capture the core of the brand’s key attribute and have the consumer begging to know more.  Feel free to use made up names, metaphors, positive connotation words and more.  Buy magazines that fit in with your own brand message and look for headlines, phrases and words that might spark ideas.  Always keep the company pivot point as the main focus.

Narrow Your List – Let all these ideas simmer in your mind overnight.  The next day or so, start gleaming on your list.  Keep only the ideas that allow your company lots of room to grow.  Experiment a bit with matching tag lines.  When you pair a company name with a tag line, it might sound great when you hear it.  Look around for some matching domain names, and see if any competitors are using something similar.  Here are more tips for choosing a business name and creating a small business website.

Select a Winner – If you found a name that sounds good and the domain is available, it’s probably a winner.  It’s always wise to hire a trademark attorney to make sure you don’t have problems.  Next, you want to move on to the logo design.  There are plenty of good logo designers out there that will do a good job for you.

Finally, you are ready to launch the new brand.  Start spreading the message about your brand by being consistent.  Have the same look and feel on your blog, website, and social media accounts.  By consistently giving the same look, you will own your own place in the business industry.

Now, you can say that you know how to brand your small business.  When you dedicate time, attention and commitment to branding your company, you will build a small business that keeps your customers coming back for more.  

Did you find these tips helpful?  If so, please leave a comment and share this article.


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