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Business Networking Sites


You’re hopefully at this point utilizing some aspect of social media networking for your business. There is absolutely no getting around just how essential social media has become to the continued health and growth of businesses of all sizes and types.

How Is Your Social Media Portfolio?

At the very least, your business should have the social networking essentials. No matter how big or small your business might be. No matter what your specific marketplace might entail. You should have the social networking essentials. You should almost certainly have a Facebook page. This is still the primary social networking hub for the world. It should be part of your social networking plan, whether you’re interacting with customers, visitors, or even similar businesses. Twitter and Google+ should also be a part of your social media portfolio. The fact that these sites are viable social media tools for networking isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

But is that all there is? Does your social media networking need to go beyond the basics?

You can think about it if you like, but since the answer to the above question is likely yes, it might be time to start thinking about things that can actually enhance your social media networking. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all nice, but it might be time to consider some possibilities that are a little more specific to the world of business.

Social Networking Sites For Your Business

You might be surprised at just how many social networking sites have emerged with the primary focus on social networking opportunities for businesses. Social networking isn’t just for the giants anymore. It has become a means of connecting for specific religions, political views, and even for businesses.
At the very least, some of these social networking sites for businesses are worth investigating further:

  • Biznik: A great social networking opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Cmypitch: Entrepreneurs can meet here for quotes, advice, and more.
  • Sunzu: An opportunity to share knowledge, build contacts, and more.
  • JASEzone: A community designed around finding clients and business partners.
  • Ryze: This business networking site gives its users the chance to network based on location, interests, and employment history.
  • XING: 7 million members comprise this European business networking opportunity.
  • Young Entrepreneur: Small business owners and up-and-coming entrepreneurs can get together here for some considerable business networking opportunities.
  • PartnerUp: Another fantastic way for small business owners and young entrepreneurs to meet, connect, and potentially work together.

Using Social Networking With A Business Slant

No one is saying these business social networking sites are absolutely critical. But if you find your business struggling to break out of the pack, if you find yourself looking for ways to connect to both consumers and similar businesses, any one of these sites could help you get the ball rolling. There are several other social networking sites for businesses out there, but any of the above would be good ways to test the waters of this intriguing possibility.

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