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The Best Small Business to Start

The Best Small Business to Start

Many people are deciding to go into business for themselves.  The grind of working in an office and taking orders from a boss is not appealing, so people are deciding to start their own small business. When people make this decision, they often don't know what to do.  What is the best small business to start? With so many to choose from, this decision can often be overwhelming.  Obviously, you will want to choose something that you are good at and you have a passion for.  Here are some of the small businesses that have seen the most growth over the past decade:

1. Day care

This is one of the best small business ideas because the demand for it will always be there.  However, it is not the type of business that you can instantly get up and running.  You will need the proper licensing and training.  Running a professional daycare business is not like babysitting for your neighbor. However, the earning potential for a daycare business is very solid.  Because of the tough economy, many couples have full-time jobs.  Since both the mother and father are working all day, they need someone to watch their child.  Since there is not always a relative available, day care services will always be needed.

2. Photography

Even though every smartphone has a camera in it, people will always need experienced photographers to take photos at weddings, company functions or staff photos that will be included on website profiles of various employees.  It does not take a huge investment to get started in this business.  All you need is a few thousand dollars to by a top of the line camera and you can begin.

3. Computer and smartphone training

Are you experienced at using all of the latest apps and features of Macs, PCs and smartphones?  If you are, why not put your knowledge to use and make some money off of it?  We are living in a world of technology.  This is widely considered to be the best small business to start because of the explosion in popularity of smartphones in recent years.  Many older people are who are not familiar with technology are getting smartphones for the first time.  They need someone to show them how to operate their new gadget.  Why can't that person be you?

4. Moving company

This is another one of those businesses that there will always be a demand for.  This is one of the best small business ideas because there will always be people moving into new houses or apartments.  There will always be students moving into dorms.  These people will need help lifting their heavy items, so that is where you come in.  When you start this type of business, you need to make sure you are properly licensed and that you have liability insurance in case you break some valuable items during the moving process.  Needless to say, you or the people you hire will need to be in great physical shape with no back problems for this type of work.

If you are looking for the best small business to start, these are all great examples.  You can duplicate other business plans or if you have an idea to add a new twist to these businesses, I'm sure you will achieve success.  Most important part is that you are not afraid to try.

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