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Time Management Tools for Small Business

Time Management

Time management is very important for small business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact, one of the biggest problems is when the owner is working 90 hours a week on a consistent basis. Many business owners can't figure out how to manage their time properly. That is why they are overworked and miserable. Here are some time management tools that can help you manage your time better.

This is one of the best CRM (customer relationship management) systems out there. Now, I understand that many business owners may not need it because they are not customer-facing themselves. But most business owners interact with customers on a daily and hourly basis. In fact, if you're not interacting with customers a lot, then it means your business may not be going well. In any case, is a great tool that will allow you to save a ton of time. It will also enhance your customer relationships. It will enable you to load in contact information, create opportunities for your sales and deal pipeline and will allow you to set tasks so you know when and how to follow up. It's much better and easier to work with then keeping all of your customers in an excel spreadsheet or some other static database.

Synced Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone

I've noticed that the business owners who are the most efficient leverage the technology they have. Most sync their computer, tablet, and smartphones together. That way, they can manage their schedules and their projects on the go or when they're out of the office. It can be a bit of a pain to set it up so you can sync everything together. Outlook is a good standard schedule, email and project management tool. The great thing about it is that you can easily sync it with any tablet or smartphone.  If you own Apple products, may apps auto-sync such as Notes, Reminders, and Calendar...all helpful in time management.

Dragon Dictation App

One of the biggest time wasters is when you have a brilliant thought, you forget it, or have to spend hours figuring out the details. You could use the Dragon Dictation App. The basic app is free and very easy to use. You can speak into is and it'll dictate into text everything you say. That means you can take notes on the fly when you're out or on the road.


If you do a lot of project management, you really need to use Basecamp. It's a very useful tool that will support the management of projects. It's also great for teams to collaborate on projects. It collects all of the communications and schedules in one place.  You can try it FREE for 2 months to decide if it's beneficial for your business.

It's important for small business owners to manage their time properly. These are just some time management tools that can help you do that and maximize your productivity.

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