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Business Strategy

Business Strategy


Are you planning to start a small business? Before you finally take the steps to do so, you should first determine and adopt a good business strategy that will guide your enterprise. It may not be enough to focus on your products or services. There has to be a guiding principle that can lead your venture to the path of success.

Here are three effective strategies that your small business should observe. Each business strategy is simple, yet logical and effective. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend more to implement these. Your small startup business can gain the edge especially when your competitors obviously fail to follow and adopt these practical business strategies.

Focus on customer service

Your small business would be on a similar playing field as major companies and a plethora of other small to medium sized businesses. There could be intense competition. But you may have the big advantage over all of those. As the owner and manager, you make your own business decisions on your own and instantly. Your small business can easily and quickly make and implement strategies without going through a long and tedious approval process.

To stand out, woo your prospective customers by providing excellent customer service. That is one area where you could be on the same ground with even the biggest competitors. Deal with clients personally and give them the best value for their money. Your customers would certainly appreciate it.

Bite off just what your business can chew

Don’t fall to the usual mistake of small businesses. It could really be tempting to take larger job orders that are beyond your current capacity. Aspiring too much to compete with other businesses may be enticing but it can invite more risks. Remember to make all your business aspirations correspond to present capabilities.

Try not to take more than your small business can actually handle. If you still decide to do so, you might lose not only time but effort and money. The business’ reputation would also be in danger especially when your business fails to deliver. Thus, it is a good business strategy to work only within your limitations. This way, you can do your best and keep your customers happy.

Be a good example

Your small business may rely on the output of your small team. It is an ideal business strategy to motivate your staff well so they could be more productive. Because you would be working with a very small group, try to set a good example. As a leader, you need to give guidance and be a role model to your employees.

Work hard so your team will follow suit. You may not command respect and credibility by slacking off. Make your staff feel that you are really part of the team. If your business needs to achieve goals, be the leader to do so. And of course, don’t forget to always treat your staff well. It’s always better when you earn their trust and loyalty.

These are just a few examples of business strategy that you can apply.  Remember, always keep learning and searching for new strategies to ensure your business is successful.


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